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Advertise with Sleep Radio

Are you keen on advertising with Sleep Radio? On any given day, this website gets hundreds of hits from people who are trying to get a decent night's sleep. Just check out our current listeners numbers (above) who are tuned in right now.  Every month we have around 58,000 unique listeners in 190 countries tuned in. We don't play audio advertisements with the exception of our annual financial appeal in January of each year.


You can however, advertise your business or product with a small banner advert on our main or other pages. We use only two banner sizes (see below) and the cost of advertising depends on where on our website you'd like to place your advertisement and for how long. We can also help you design a banner at no cost to you if you need help doing this. You also get a free, one-off advert on our social media platforms.

Cost of either sized banner on our website is US$50 per week or US$150  for a minimum of 4 weeks for our main homepage and US$25 per week or US$75 for a minimum of 4 weeks for an ad on another page of your choosing. This comes with unlimited free click-throughs to a web page of your choice. We also suggest that you provide our page visitors and listeners with a unique discount code to attract more sales.

Sorry but we don't accept advertising applications from websites that advertise or promote the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or vaping products, gambling or pornography. We reserve the right to decline any advert on the grounds that it may cause offence to our website visitors and / or listeners.


Click here to contact us if we can help.

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