We've been notified by Nobex who designed and maintain our app on the Apple, Google Play (Android) and Blackberry platforms that as of 30 June 2020 Apple will be removing our app from its store. The reason for this is that they will now allow only corporate entities to have apps on their store if those apps are hosted by a third party provider. Our app is hosted by Nobex and Sleep Radio is not a corporate entity. We're simply a retired couple who run Sleep Radio as a passion to help those who suffer from insomnia. We applied for an exemption but this was rejected.


We've also been informed that Blackberry World is about to shut down which means that our Blackberry app is no longer downloadable from that platform either. They've already removed it and many other station's apps.

So, what does this mean for our app users?

  1. Our Blackberry app version can no longer be downloaded but it should still work if you already have it installed on your device. We can't guarantee that this will continue to happen as we have no control over the functionality of the app.

  2. We're told by Nobex that Apple app listeners will still be able to use our existing installed free app until such time as it gets deleted from your device or your device dies. They tell us that you just won't be able to download it anymore or receive updates after 30 June 2020. Having said that, again we can't guarantee that this will continue to happen as we have no control over the functionality of the app.

  3. You can still listen in via one of the four players on our website. It's a free way to listen and it always will be. Just click here.

  4. Sleep Radio is also able to be heard for free on about 50 internet radio directory websites. Click here to see them all.


For the last month, we've been developing a completely new Android and Apple app which we can submit to the Apple store and Google Play as an independent developer. At the moment, the app is in beta trial phase and we've had 20 listeners who have been assessing and critiquing it. We now have their feedback and are implementing a few changes.

We've also just completed a listener survey as to whether our new app should remain free but with static and video ads in it or charging a one-off purchase fee of US$5.00 for an app with no ads whatsoever. There were 32 votes for retaining the free version with ads and 59 votes for the US$5.00 version with no ads. We're still thinking about what we'll do.

We're hoping to have our new app live on the Apple and Google Play stores by the end of June 2020.


If you have any questions about your app, please contact us and we'll be happy to advise you.

John Watson


Sleep Radio

Our old / existing app



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